Heart Horse and Hoof

“If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life.”



Regardless of weather, you can find Cash outside.

Check out my first blog post to read about my heart horse, Cash. I’ve shared how I found him and why I took a chance on an “old” horse.

Continue reading to learn about Cash’s journey with EPM. He’s finished treatment, so our next step is recovery and rehab!

HHH Rope Halters

WC is my best model from AZ!

Along with blogging, I also make handmade rope halters! I have a variety of colors and can make simple rope halters or ones with nosebands. Check out my Rope Halters page to find out how to order. You can also check out samples on my social media accounts! Use #HHHropehalters to find them as well!

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