Bath Day at the Barn

When I bought Cash in August 2019, he had a whole boatload of skin issues! I would spot bathe certain areas with medicated shampoo, and Cash would dance around impatiently. He wasn’t horrible during bathing, but he couldn’t hold still and constantly stepped on the hose. I made excuses and ultimately never gave him a full bath before summer turned into fall. 

This past weekend, I decided to bite the bullet and finally give Cash a full bath. I’ve been trying to fit it into our schedule for a few weeks now but the weather has been less than ideal. Last Saturday was sunny and in the 80s, leaving me no excuses. 

At the boarding barn I was previously at, there was a bathing area with cross ties and a drain. Unfortunately, my barn does not have a built in floor drain, so outside was my only option. I decided to turn off the electric fence and tie him outside of the corral on the wooden fence. This way he could still see the steer, but was tied to a sturdy enough fence to hold him. I hooked up the longest hose we had and still connected an extension. Next, I gathered my shampoo and scrubbing mitt so that I was ready before bringing Cash out. 

Cash has started to get flaky at the base of his mane and I noticed it thinning. The hair at the top of his tail is also thinning. In fear of losing his mane and part of his tail like I did when I bought him, I decided to use the medicated shampoo. I’m beginning to think he has some super sensitive skin in the summertime. There are patchy areas on his hind legs and cannons where the hair seems to be falling out as well.

I started out by only spraying his legs to see how he’d react to the water. After wetting all four legs I moved on to his body. I was thrilled with how great he did! There was very little dancing and prancing! I lathered up his mane the most to get all of the flakiness out. The entire bath went quickly without much fuss. I used a water scraper to remove the excess and walked him for a few minutes before returning him to the barn. 

Almost immediately he ran to the pasture, stopped, dropped, and rolled! Luckily, there wasn’t any mud so he stayed fairly clean. Within another ten minutes he was completely dried. 

I’m really hoping that I can get ahead of any summer skin issues brewing. I applied Equiderma’s skin lotion to his mane and tail after the bath. Usually once a week in the evening I also apply M-T-G to his mane and tail. He’s even got an antifungal spray I use regularly! Despite all three of these products, I haven’t seen quite the results I’m looking for…I’m a very impatient person though. 

I recently ordered Dragon Dust from Apothequine. I’ve heard great things about these products and decided it was worth a try. The owner even said she would add some extra ingredients to help with his hair loss! I cannot wait to try it. Stay tuned for an update!

Equestrian problem #81

Bathtime for your horse is also bathtime for you.

If you’re interested in any of the products I talked about above, please visit the links below! 

*Disclosure: I am not paid to promote any of these products. I have personally purchased and used each product and am simply sharing my experience with them.

State Line Tack rubber grooming mitt $2.51 with 30% discount

Medicated Mane ‘N Tail shampoo $14.99

Equiderma skin lotion for horses $26.73

Shapely’s Original M-T-G $19.99

Apothequine Dragon Dust 16oz $20

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