Dear Blog: 6/21/2020

First off, Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there! I was on my way home from a get together with my family when I realized I have posted any new blogs for over a week! This doesn’t mean I haven’t worked on any, in fact, I have a really big blog post coming soon. Stay tuned to find out more!

I figured I would quick jump on tonight and update you guys on how Cash and I have been doing. Over the last week or so we’ve gone on multiple rides around the countryside. He has been doing really well! Last Sunday morning Cash and I met up with two other local riders and went just over 10 miles. This was our second ride without his tie down and I was a bit nervous. I also wasn’t sure how he would do with other horses either. In fact, he saw the horses from down the road and tried to turn around! Once he got up closer he didn’t really mind the other horses. He was even well behaved and stayed near the back of the pack. It wasn’t until we got close to home that the head tossing began and he insisted on being in the lead. He was pretty determined to get home! 

With his behavior improving every day, I decided to give him another chance at bareback riding. I used to ride bareback at least once a week when I was still boarding and had access to an arena. Since moving home, I haven’t really felt comfortable riding without a saddle. I tried a handful of rides bareback in the pasture and none of them went very well. However, our first true bareback ride around the property went great! He did have one small spook on the first lap around the pond, but he did a quick sidestep and then waited for me to decide what to do next. To be honest, the deer that jumped out even startled me! As much as we’ve been working on not spooking, I don’t want a total deadhead. I just want Cash to respond rather than reacting. 

Since then, we’ve taken another bareback ride around the property, and multiple rides down back country roads. Cash is no longer throwing tantrums, refusing to walk forward, or tossing his head. Although he struggled on our 10 mile ride without his tie down, he has been doing great since. I think he has graduated from wearing his tie down! Fingers crossed he won’t earn it back. He has also been much better behaved in the cross ties. For a hot minute he needed a chain attached to his lead rope. I stopped using the chain a few days ago and have not had any problems with behavior since. 

The last two months have been extremely frustrating since it felt like Cash and I had to start over after making the move. However, within the last two weeks he’s had a few “light bulb” moments! It’s been so rewarding to see his progress and finally be able to enjoy our rides without tantrums. So, if I’ve been a little absent on the blog lately, it’s because I’m out enjoying my now well behaved horse! 

Until next time, 

Happy trails!

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