Dear Blog: 7/25/2020

Cash and I loaded up the trailer and headed out on a trail ride together this morning! It was beautiful and Cash behaved perfectly – not a single spook!
We only spent a little over an hour riding due to the heat. It ended up being around 3.5 miles.

The trails consisted of open fields and wooded areas. Surprisingly, the bugs weren’t awful. Just a few large horse flies here and there.

Since the trails were new, we did mostly walking. I had a rough idea where a few holes were, but better safe than sorry. Besides, we did some trot and canter work yesterday, so today was a nice break. I made sure to take lots of pictures! I snagged a few videos as well. Those are available on my Facebook page! Visit the blog’s homepage to find that link.

I was looking at my Equilab app today and in the last 30 days, Cash and I have spent 16 hrs in the saddle and gone a total of 63.5 miles. I love that I can look back and see our progress.

Until next time,

Happy trails!

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