2020: That’s a Wrap!

Hey there! First, I want to apologize for falling off the face of the earth… I have been taking some time to focus on Cash, enjoy life, spend time with friends, family, and alone. I’ve taken time to reorganize and prioritize my goals with Cash.  From May to date, Cash I have covered 323 miles!Continue reading “2020: That’s a Wrap!”

Our First Horse Camping Trip

Hello! I know I’ve been a little absent, but I’ve been taking some time to simply enjoy my horse. Cash and I went on our first camping trip together this weekend! It was only one night, but it was a great way to get our “hooves” wet and see if camping is for us.  WeContinue reading “Our First Horse Camping Trip”

Cash’s Little Brother: Eeyore the Bunny Rabbit

Eeyore is stealing the spotlight for once! Many of you probably didn’t even know Cash had a “little brother”!  I’ve had Eeyore for about a year. I had stopped into a local PetSmart to just look at what was available to be adopted through Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control and impulsively decided I neededContinue reading “Cash’s Little Brother: Eeyore the Bunny Rabbit”

New Experiences and New Friends

A friend of mine had been recently looking for a good minded trail horse to add to her herd. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to help her horse shop! I may not be buying Cash a barn mate anytime soon, but that doesn’t keep me from looking at every sale ad in theContinue reading “New Experiences and New Friends”

A Weekend of Trail Riding

Hey there! I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to trail ride both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. I wanted to jump on and share about our experiences with two very different rides.  Saturday we loaded up and went to The Bluffs in Michigan. I went with around eleven other people, which isContinue reading “A Weekend of Trail Riding”

Does Your Saddle Actually Fit?

If you’re anything like me, saddle fit is something that you aren’t 100% comfortable with. Every time I tack up, I evaluate the fit, fuss with placement, and worry about my saddle pad. After each ride I check Cash’s sweat patterns to ensure proper fit. Usually, his sweat patterns are just fine! I’m always relieved,Continue reading “Does Your Saddle Actually Fit?”