Dear Blog: 7/25/2020

Cash and I loaded up the trailer and headed out on a trail ride together this morning! It was beautiful and Cash behaved perfectly – not a single spook!We only spent a little over an hour riding due to the heat. It ended up being around 3.5 miles. The trails consisted of open fields andContinue reading “Dear Blog: 7/25/2020”

Just a Season

Whenever I struggled through a time in my life, my mother would remind me, “it’s just a season of life.” I used to dislike this phrase. Sometimes life just sucks and that’s all there is to it. As I grew up I began to understand these words better. Although I remind myself of these wordsContinue reading “Just a Season”

Check Your Bit Sis

Alright, I debated for a hot minute whether I even wanted to turn a recent experience of mine into a blog post…but, I didn’t create this blog to portray perfection. In fact, I created it for the exact opposite reason! Not only do I love sharing my adventures and beautiful scenery, I also like toContinue reading “Check Your Bit Sis”

Bath Day at the Barn

When I bought Cash in August 2019, he had a whole boatload of skin issues! I would spot bathe certain areas with medicated shampoo, and Cash would dance around impatiently. He wasn’t horrible during bathing, but he couldn’t hold still and constantly stepped on the hose. I made excuses and ultimately never gave him aContinue reading “Bath Day at the Barn”

Toughing the Trails

Hi there! Okay, the title of this blog makes it sound much more exciting that it really is…but go with it. Lol. The other day Cash and I saddled up and went exploring. Lately, Cash has been extremely buddy sour to our steer, Itty Bit. The rain has definitely not helped! For almost a weekContinue reading “Toughing the Trails”


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