Does Your Saddle Actually Fit?

If you’re anything like me, saddle fit is something that you aren’t 100% comfortable with. Every time I tack up, I evaluate the fit, fuss with placement, and worry about my saddle pad. After each ride I check Cash’s sweat patterns to ensure proper fit. Usually, his sweat patterns are just fine! I’m always relieved,Continue reading “Does Your Saddle Actually Fit?”

Check Your Bit Sis

Alright, I debated for a hot minute whether I even wanted to turn a recent experience of mine into a blog post…but, I didn’t create this blog to portray perfection. In fact, I created it for the exact opposite reason! Not only do I love sharing my adventures and beautiful scenery, I also like toContinue reading “Check Your Bit Sis”

Helmets: A Hot Topic

Some of you may have noticed from my previous posts and pictures that I usually wear a helmet while riding. This is not something that I have always been good at. In fact, I usually only pulled mine out of the tack box for one week a year. I showed at the local county fairContinue reading “Helmets: A Hot Topic”

Life Lessons from an Old Quarter Horse

On April 3rd, 2020 I lost a best friend. Murphy, my childhood horse was close to 34 and lived a full and wonderful life. Despite knowing that his time would someday come, accepting he’s gone is hard for me. Rather than focusing on what I lost, I decided to remember all the wonderful memories IContinue reading “Life Lessons from an Old Quarter Horse”