2020: That’s a Wrap!

Hey there! First, I want to apologize for falling off the face of the earth… I have been taking some time to focus on Cash, enjoy life, spend time with friends, family, and alone. I’ve taken time to reorganize and prioritize my goals with Cash.  From May to date, Cash I have covered 323 miles!Continue reading “2020: That’s a Wrap!”

Requiring Respect, Earning Trust

Hey there! If you’ve been keeping up with Cash and I, you probably know he hasn’t quite been himself lately. He’s been spooky on the trails, a mixture of buddy and barn sour, and pretty disrespectful. I’ve been slowly working through each issue with him, but have been feeling especially frustrated with his lack ofContinue reading “Requiring Respect, Earning Trust”

Bath Day at the Barn

When I bought Cash in August 2019, he had a whole boatload of skin issues! I would spot bathe certain areas with medicated shampoo, and Cash would dance around impatiently. He wasn’t horrible during bathing, but he couldn’t hold still and constantly stepped on the hose. I made excuses and ultimately never gave him aContinue reading “Bath Day at the Barn”